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Machine Colorants

Machine Colorants

Our company is the prime exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Machine Colorant. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra the machine colorant that is attained from us can be as used in decorative applications. It is the ultimate solution to your customized colorant needs. You can customize the colorant to suit your machines as well as unique formulations. You can use it for both interior as well as exterior use. We even offer a wide range of colors to choose from. Our machine colorant is ideal for in-shop and depot for tinting and exhibits excellent color development in aqueous and solvent systems. It is free of binder and is compatible with latex emulsion, alkyd enamel and nitrocellulose lacquer. The colorant has a high color strength and a long in-can shelf life.   

Info :

  • Perolite™ Colors A range of universal decorative colorants is suitable for latex paints, long oil alkyds, enamels and wood stains. The pigmentation used in Perolite colorants enables a wide color area to be reached while addressing important requirements such as light fastness, accuracy in pastels, opacity and cost effectiveness. The higher quality pigments for red and yellow provide better weather resistance for exterior applications. At the same time the Perolite™ color a range also includes economically priced interior quality yellow and red options developed for interior applications.
  • In order to fulfill the highest expectations of point of sale tinting in terms of color precision and reproducibility, all Perolite™ colorants meet the strictest specifications. Color tone and strength are controlled volumetrically, ensuring both excellent rheological behavior and accurate in volumetric tinting equipment. All Perolite™ colorants are based on a well proven technology in which propylene glycol is used as a co-solvent
  • The Perolite™ colorants are available in various different system configurations, starting from basic 14-16 colorant systems. These systems are extended with both additional inorganic colorants and/or transparent iron oxide colorants.

Directions :
Mix colorants by hand stirring before pouring into tinting machine. Minimize air entrapment as this may affect volumetric accuracy of tinting machine. Dosage does not normally exceed 10% by volume of base paint.


Type Machine Colorants
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