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Metallic Decorative Paints

Metallic Decorative Paints

We are the leading exporters, suppliers and manufacturers of Metallic Decorative Paints and our paints have been received well by the discriminating property owner, interior designers and Architects. We supply the finest quality decorative texture paints which have been widely accepted in both residential and commercial applications such as Wall Textures, Metal Grills/Frames/Gates, Stone, Fabric, Wood, Plaster of paris (POP, Fall ceilings) etc. Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra our paints have a water based chemistry that delivers unprecedented performance. It is durable and has a longer retention courtesy its rich luster. The coverage of the paints is about 150 Sq. /Ft per Kg however this might be variable based on application. You can create different texture designs such as tools like rollers, Spatula, sponge, crinkle paper, etc. These can aid in creation of different texture designs. Perolite metallic temptations have a very wide range of applications which are mentioned below :

Applications :

  • Wall Textures
  • Wood
  • Metal Grills/Frames/Gates
  • Plaster of paris (POP, Fall ceilings, etc)
  • Stone
  • Fabric

  • Metallic Decorative Paints

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  • Metallic Shade Card 02