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Pigment Fine Paste

Pigment Fine Paste

We are the based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and are the most celebrated exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Pigment Fine Pastes. Our pigment fine paste is rich in the solids and is pourable pigment dispersions. It has been designed to serve as coloration in different aqueous pastes. The pigment fine paste from our company has high quantity of dispersed pigments bereft binders or resins. The high pigment level assures a number of economical and technical advantages. The requisite amount of additions in the coating or the paint for achieving the standard colour is minimal. In order to achieve full colour strength one simply needs to fully disperse the fine paste by careful stirring. This means that there will be no excess cost on grinding.   

Used Info :

  • Paratint Fine pastes are completely miscible with each other and can be mixed in various proportions to achieve numerous shades.
  • Finally high pigment loading implies fewer containers, ease in handling and less storage area Offering
  • The Paratint Fine paste is available in bulk packing of 10kg, 25kg and 50kgs. Application

Paratint Fine pastes are directly used for in-plant productions for paints :

  • Latex Colors
  • Paper coating
  • Detergent Cake and Powder. Bath Soap
  • Wax colors
  • Textile Printing
  • Water Base Ink
  • Water based cosmetics products like Bindi's, etc.


Brand Name Paratint
Place of Origin Mumbai

  • Pigment Fine Paste

  • Pigment Fine Paste Interior and Exterior

  • Pigment Paste Shade Card