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Leather Colors

Leather Colors

Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra we are the leading exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Leather Colors that are available in a wide range of water based pigment dispersion and have been developed for finishing leather. You can use it in upholstery, nappa, shoe as well as other leather products. These are extremely well dispersed and can be used for glazed and resin finishes. The pigments have been selected to attain maximum covering power possible. Except the Bright black and Glazing black colors, other contain zero dyestuff. The quantity of dispersing agent and binding in the pastes is minimum i.e. in quantity that is enough to maintain the suspension of the pigments during long storage. You can avail the colors in about 12-18 shades and intermix them as per requirement.  

Info :
The binder content for purposes of finished formulation should be ignored and sufficient quantities of protein or resin emulsions to bind the pigment should be added. Prime Eco Range – Leather colors The Eco range series are preparation s of individual pigment powder in aqueous medium. They contain very small quantity of casein as medium carrier. The Eco range leather pigments on account of the transparency of the fine pigment particulars are suitable for aniline and semi-aniline finishes. Eco range products also deliver a better leveling compared to the inorganic series.


Advantages :

  • They are light and migration fast.
  • They have excellent heat resistance.
  • They have very good wet rub resistance.
  • They have very good covering capacity.
  • They can be mixed with each other in any ratio and they care compatible with anionic and nonionic binding agents usually applied in leather industry.

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